Example Arc: 

Name: Krista Sides

Email Address: krista.guthrie@gmail.com

Name of Arc: The Gentlepersons Harvest

Intent of Arc: To introduce a set of Nemesis and a scenario that will create a one of a kind extremely deadly, creepy and terrifying setting. This arc is intended to put the choice of character death immediately in the hands of the players in a way that other player agency cannot interfere with.

Exposition: Merchants will come into town and buy as much coal as they can and sell a few choice prints to give players tools to work through the silence effect. Another merchant will attempt to sell the town a corrupted filter or replace theirs via sneakery.

Rising Action: Silence effect in place. Research available for how silence works/how to cure, how to combat Gentlepersons, where they come from, etc.

Climax: Gentlepersons and Foot Minions go out Friday night to harvest Meaty Bits. Use this to perfect tactics. Second set go out Saturday night.

Falling Action: Voices are returned.

Extensive or Impressive Props Needed: Gentlepersons Full Dead costuming and masks.

Number of Face NPCs: 4-6 Gentlepersons

For Payment or Tracking?: Tracking, I'm not comfortable allowing others to tell part of this story.