Example Arc: 

Name of Writer: Caroline Vance

Name of Arc: Faith Puzzle Bullshit

Number of Face NPCs:

1 NOA for each faith

Intent of Arc: 

The intent of this arc is to rebalance the gravemind and move a step closer to figuring out how to fix the splintering in it. The players will have to make some tough choices, and the mods needed to be completed within this arc are all intended to be HIGH risk

Arc Premise

A group of NPC NOAs in the area have noticed a big change in the way their faith feels. This arc details their struggles to fix this in a number of ways, including coming to Crystal Creek to get the priests and PC NOAs to stick more firmly to their faith.

When that fails, they realize a ritual is needed to bring the faith back to normal, and pieces of each religion are needed in order to complete it. Each NOA will bring the members of the faith, and unbaptized interested in helping to complete a challenge to get the material. The ritual can be completed without all of the pieces, but it will take longer to complete per missing piece. The pieces will fit together in a puzzle that will need to be solved by the players working together, while other members of the town defend those participating in completing the ritual from zed.

The NOAs will be typically antagonistic with each other (especially with their rival faiths) and try to fix it on a one faith at a time basis. They may have to be killed should they interfere with the players attempts to work together too much. They will also kill themselves out of desperation to fix the problem should a faith fail or simply not complete a trial. In this case, the NOA will come back as a fallen angel during the puzzle solving phase.

The faith feels wrong because of the fractured nature of the gravemind. The Zealots will deny that the Gravemind itself is the basis of faith, but they will believe that the Gravemind is interfering with the way they feel faith.

Extensive or Impressive Props Needed:

Puzzle for each faith, end puzzle with creepy gravemind chest

Projected Number of Modules:

3 is minimum for sub-arcs, 10-15 for over-arc, long-term-sub-arc is more like 18-30