We're not a group of gamers who are sometimes friends, we're a community of friends who happen to play the same game.

Check out the amazing things we do for one another by looking at the Kudos Cards!

So please, come join our family! You can find us at either our Facebook group or our Discord Channel - this is where we tend to talk, share stories and make plans with each other in between games.

Our community has guidelines that when you attend or are in our digital spaces, you're agreeing to follow. You can find info on the community here: Community Guidelines and in the DR LARP Survivor's Guide (pgs. 20-32).

One of the most important parts of our community is that we want to make our space a better place for everyone, and that means that we specifically have no tolerance for:

  • Sexism/Gender Bias

  • Racism

  • Threats

  • Harassment of any kind

Another amazing thing that our community does is help friends make it to an event when their funds aren't quite up to the task. We call it our 'Paid in Full' tickets.