No one, that I have spoken to, can agree on an answer to this question……Why did the Iron Tusks decide to reveal themselves to the world?  Some have said it was a mistake.  Others that it was the act of a rebellious daughter.  Still others say that it was an inevitable mistake, for no one can stay hidden forever.  Whatever the reason, it seems to have been a costly one. 

I may or may not live in Crystal Creek.  I have conducted business in that area, and I have heard about observations that others have made, as well as those made for myself.  I consider myself to be an objective outside source of notable events that have transpired, and give learned opinions based off those events. 

The first event that transpired was the actual “discovery” of the town.  Actual details escape me, but I do know that there were a group of Fenrir, and a group of Tusks, both eyeballing a caravan that was coming from the south.  There had been rumors of other caravans being attacked, so exactly which one was doing the attacking…….both sides say it is the other.  Given the fact that the Tusks wanted to be left alone, I would put money on the Fenrir……….not a lot of money, but at least some money.

So now you have a group that wanted to remain hidden, residing with a group that rebels against a “backward isolationist” group.  This only leads to lots of complaining, and almost always to fighting.  The complaint that I found funniest was the LOUD, CLAMORING, voices that railed against the gender inequality of whoring.  These visitors did not blink at the other laws, which included murder, but do not impede the rights of those wishing to prostitute themselves for the good of the economy.  And they also might have had issue with a psion being fed to the zed.  Just a small, tiny, insignificant, MONSTERIOUSLY HUGE issue with that fact.  If you are decent at defending yourself, and want to watch an Iron Tusk squirm, just ask them about this fact.

Another thing an outside group brings with them, besides complaints, is disease.  Not long after these two groups started working together, an outbreak of Tuberculosis ransacked the town.  As to what actually caused the outbreak, there are varying reports.  The official line is that it was caused by a mine collapse.  Me, I am betting it was a failed experiment from the Darwins.  Never seen a happier group to move into town than those damned Darwins.  They look at Crystal Creek, and especially the lake, and get all glassy eyed.  Needless to say, the diseases outbreak stretched the town’s medics to the limit.

So, you have the presence of outsiders, refusal to follow the town’s laws, influx of disease and weird experiments…….and it all leads up to one hell of a fight.  The Iron Tusks fractured and devolved into a civil war.  On one side you had the older Iron Tusks, fighting for what they always had…..their laws, their land, and their way of life.  On the other side you had the younger Tusks…..who had allied with the visitors, wanting a new life, and who knows what else.  Unless my mind fails me, the younger Tusks/visitors were in open rebellion against their own kind.   After a short but brutal war, the older Tusks could not withstand the combined might of the rebels, and were virtually annihilated. 

Now you have a brutal war that just ended.  Jubulant celebration of those that have survived, and look forward to building a new lifestyle.  Multiple groups of people that are looking forward to a long period of peace and quiet.  And what do they get……….just about the biggest horde that we have seen in these parts in quite some time.  The leader of the Iron Tusks, the ones that lost, needed more fighters to challenge the numerically superior rebels.  He did the unthinkable, and pulled in the hunting parties that guarded the town.  The result, the victors of the war being driven out of town by a horde of zed.

In a nutshell, it would seem to me that the Iron Tusks made a terrible mistake.  They let in a group of outsiders, and within a few short months their way of life has been destroyed.  How the outsiders ever managed to convince a group of Iron Tusks to turn on their brethren I will never know.  But whoever it was that did that feat, I want to meet him or her.  I might have a few jobs for them.


                                                                                                                                                Eldorado George


P.S.  For those of you that might disagree with my account, I invite you to make one of your own.