Hello, Survivors!

We hope you're as excited as we are for the next evolution of Dystopia Rising's LARP rule set. Not only will we be streamlining the rule set, but we're also interested in YOUR FEEDBACK for this particular venture.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK on what changes you want to see, please read the full webpage about it: Dystopia Rising: Evolved

This is not a "re-set." Instead, the new rules will take the story three years forward starting in 2019. This will allow players to either keep their characters the same, or change their roleplay to match the new rules.

Please note that we are planning to divide feedback into several categories. In the subject line below, please include the category you are giving feedback on. If you have feedback in multiple categories, please submit a different feedback for each one.

We also created a Facebook group to discuss potential feedback and address questions you have: DR AR - DR 3.0 Release Discussions.

While not required, please submit feedback with your name in case we need to clarify anything.
Please choose the category your feedback most closely fits into.
Use your words and tell us what changes you'd like to see! Please reference page numbers and be as specific as possible, thank you!