2019 Social Events

Ask Us Anything w/ DR Arkansas Employees - 7pm on Discord

  • Mar 7

  • Jun 6

  • Sep 5

  • Dec 12

Toasting To Thursday - 7pm on Discord

  • Jun 27

  • Jul 25

  • Aug 22

  • Oct 3

  • Oct 24

  • Dec 5

2019 Game Events

  • Feb 15-17

  • Mar 15-17

  • Apr 19-21

  • May 17-19

  • Jul 19-21

  • Aug 16-18

  • Sep 27-29

  • Oct 18-20

  • Nov 29-Dec 1

Spoilers ahead!

Below we give a brief description of the stories we’re going to tell for the season, so if you want to be surprised don’t continue!


For 2019 we’re going to have multiple story arcs being told at the same time, but we’re also going to have one story taking center stage each month (this one will be underlined). We’re going to do our best to show a bit without showing too much in these little previews, mostly because we value player agency and who knows what ya’ll will do to these planned timelines. ;)

  • February: This month will welcome everyone back to Crystal Creek, but everyone will include the Telling Vision Pirates and the Hogg Family. We’re also going to explore what’s hiding at the bottom of the lake and hear more about what exactly the Landsharks are up to.

  • March: A new element to the Crystal Creek gravemind will make its debut this month, but we’ll continue examining the situation at the bottom of the lake, the Landshark threat will become more clear, Telling Vision Pirates will continue to work their way into the town, and a new threat will be found in the dark edges of the woods.

  • April: We’ll have to make decisions about our local gravemind, decisions about our alliances and how they interact with our morals, our relationships with the Telling Vision Pirates, and our loyalty to the Landsharks.

  • May: The war against slavery reached new heights, how will it look in the Riverlands? We’re gonna explore that with help from the Telling Vision Pirates. Closer to home we’re going to have some long-lasting choices to make about our gravemind.

  • July: The Survivors will be pit against people and mother nature as they race the clock on final war preparations.

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