These are short summaries of the established factions in the Arkansas setting of Crystal Creek/The Riverlands. This isn’t all there is to know, but is intended to give you a good feel for each faction’s flavor and goals, as well as ways to visually identify them.

This also isn’t all the factions, although we’ll update the page occasionally to make sure the information listed here grows as our story does. :)

Coleman Scarf.jpg

coleman trading caravan

  • Mainly Rovers, but they hire other strains to help with guarding and other tasks. They also are fairly apolitical, but have a good relationship with Crystal Creek due to their alliance during The War.

  • All of the Rovers are atheists and wear a particular scarf.


Misery bay revival [revivalists]

  • Revivalists focus on building solutions that allow people to survive the over-radiated environment of the Riverlands. They actively oppose anything that would increase the radiation or use the radiation as a weapon.

  • They often wear markings in green on their face to show their focus on removing the obstacle of radiation.

Crescent Wrench Guild: Special Projects Division

  • Having spent some time after The War helping SaveWay with a problem that was most definitely not Final Knights these members began to see the value in charging for work and broke with their old traditions. They returned to Crystal Creek to take up their old task of maintaining the infrastructure…they just charge sometimes now too.

  • Any strain can belong, but it’s mostly popular with Townies. Most often members are seen wearing hardhats.

The Order of Delphia

  • Predominantly Accensorites, Rovers and Baywalkers - but no strain is turned away. All of the main faiths are represented, and even some cults - although it’s harder for them to have influence.

  • Displaced from their watchtower stronghold these people turned to their faiths to find signs of what to do next. Over the years the people’s obsession with knowing the future only grew.

The Mobbers

  • This group is mostly a mix of Retrogrades, Vegasians and Solestros - all of whom dress at various levels of gaudy/post-apoc fancy.

  • They have more loyalty to each other than outsiders, but they universally have a well-earned reputation to be willing to do just about anything for the right payment.


  • A group of Pure Bloods and their retinue that travel together as a single caravan.They all wear a jeweled cicada brooch.

    • The McAdams family are an old-money family that is refined and used to a plush lifestyle and the advantages that come with it.

    • The Kirkpatrick are shrewd managers, moneylenders, and innovators. Focused on regaining what they had, they will seek every opportunity to rebuild their empire.

    • The Morgan family, while not brutes, definitely lack the genteel polish of the others. They are well-versed in the arts of negotiation and business but they always exude a slight undertone of physical menace.

    • The Dillards are the leaders of the group and will often refer to ‘adopting’ the others after The War. They are also old-money and refined, but also keen and opportunistic for ways to improve their standing and situation.

Hilton Family Trading & Construction

  • They believe that treating their employees and clients right will generate more profit in the long run, and think that those who pinch pennies and cut corners are short-sighted. They are opposed to cruelty and selfishness, and promote cooperation and charity.

  • The Hilton family (in order by age- Alice, Josephine, Michael and Gabriel, Jamie, Jody) are all Pureblood, though the business employees consist mostly of Irons, Unstable, Vegasians, and Lascarians. While they don’t have a uniform or trinket to identify them, any employees going out to do business on the family’s behalf will have a letter of certification signed by Alice Hilton.

Waverider Tat.png

Wanton Waverider Entertainment

  • They are allies with anyone who will do business, and especially like working with farmers, because they’re always in need of herb. They don’t particularly like the Tarbucks Trading Co. crew, because they tend to cheat at cards and start bar fights.

  • All common strains are represented, and the sex workers come in all genders, (innuendo intentional.) There is a significant Hedon presence among the crew, and TV and Kings Court also have a decent representation. Members typically have a crew tattoo.

Iron Pikes.png

Iron Pikes

  • Iron Pikes are fanatically focused on social justice and keep themselves unattached from all the other factions to maintain neutrality. They are opposed to injustice, but with a tendency towards punishments that are brutally violent.

  • Iron Pikes are mostly Irons but with a small smattering of other strains (mostly Unstable). There’s a few of every religion, and many without, although the number of Final Knights in this faction have grown in the last year.

The Seekers

  • A small group of Unborn and other Aberrant, they travel the Riverlands scavenging Psionic Crystals and turning them into formidable and useful items.

  • They always have at least a single psion crystal fragment visible on their person.


  • TX Faction, Exists in both Settings for Cross Plot Devices

  • A merchant faction that trades everywhere they can reach, and currently that includes both Bravado and Crystal Creek. They aren’t big on authority and put a high value on freedom and rising above your past.

  • Any strain can belong, but the crew that deals in the Riverlands has a large number of Red Star, Saltwise and Rovers. They also all wear a red bandana somewhere on their person.


  • OK Faction, Exists in both Settings for Cross Plot Devices

  • A DJ faction that works to preserve the roads in the Riverlands, especially those that lead to the Mother Road, Route 66. They also want to make sure no one breaks down and gets hurt by geysers.

  • Mostly DJs, although a few other strains join their ranks from time to time. They’re all Sainthood, so they’re always good for a ride in a pinch.

Financial Institution/Factions for Crystal Creek



Specializing in transporting cargo along the coast and up and down the waterways of Crystal Creek the Twin Suns have expanded past ships, but still consider themselves ‘piratical merchants' of the Riverlands.

Founded by Rovers they take contracts and matters of their word very seriously. Many of them wear scarves even if they’re not Rovers and they all have a crew tattoo.



Morally absent at best and depraved at worst, they trust no one outside their faction, and will generally work with the highest bidder until it no longer suits their interests. 

Saltwise, Baywalkers. No dominant faith presence. Denizens wear a short length of rope around their torso like a sash to identify their own as well as a crew tattoo.

Moon Beam Cavalcade.png


The city’s primary religion is Techno-Evolutionaries of Darwin, but the top scientists are pushed away from the faith as they believe it holds us back from finding the true path of science. 

MoonBeam Cavalcade gains its name from the giant spotlight they have shining into the sky. Majority of its power from old solar panels that has been hooked up to the giant spotlight they have attached to one of their Iron Horses.

Guiding Hand.png


A subsect of the Sainthood of Ashes this group was mostly comprised of Rovers and Nation of Accensors, but lately many Townies have flocked to the group.

Since the Great War they have become a trading partner with larger groups across the Riverlands. They all still wear the same patch and focus on helping Blue Birds and those still new to the wasteland.

True Medic Corp.png


Any strain, mostly Sainthood. They focus on discovering and spreading medical knowledge to all people, through trade and sometimes charity. They all have a patch of a red cross topped with wings.

More info goes here, but I don’t have it yet. :)

The Hopeful FI Logo.png


The Hopeful.png

Any strain, mostly Sainthood. They focus on providing food for those who can trade or are in dire need. They paint their face with a black marking of a crossed HF.

Survivors of a horrific attack from an advanced, but unknown, weapon of mass destruction during The War - these people are adamantly opposed to weapons research. They travel the Riverlands with a mobile greenhouse built of salvaged stain-glass.