If this is your first time attending a Dystopia Rising event - Welcome!

Before game

The Resources and Settings menus have a lot of links and information that you should check out, plus we've listed some of them here for your convenience! Hopefully most of your questions are answered, but if not you can always check out the forums or email us at DystopiaRising.Arkansas@gmail.com. 

  • Community Guidelines - Expectations of behavior
  • Survivor's Guide 2.0 (Free PDF of the rule-book!)
  • New to All of This - Quick overview of DR!
  • Campsite Amenities - What to expect at our campsite!
  • Social Media -  We have an active presence on Facebook !
  • Creating a Character - starts on page 56 of the Survivor's Guide 2.0, but we've put together some helpful prompts for why the non-restricted strains might move to or visit Crystal Creek as well as info on how a particular strain's experience might differ here in Crystal Creek.
  • First Three Questions - Answering these questions will give you the bare necessities of your background so that when you enter play you can freely (and without stress) answer the questions of those inquisitive types and focus on enjoying your time in character!

At game

We'd like to invite you to our New Player Orientation, held immediately after Opening Announcements. Announcements start at 8pm on Friday night outside of/behind Logistics (Pool House), unless it's super dark/rainy - then we have Opening Announcements inside Jefferey House.  
Even if you are an experienced gamer, we suggest you attend since it's a great opportunity to meet more of the community and organize with some of your fellow new players. One of the best parts of Dystopia Rising is the community and we want you to be a part of it with us.

There is also an option for you to wear a blue bandanna (and blue glow at night) provided by us, to indicate to others that you're a new player. This will allow more experienced players to drag you into shenanigans (if you're comfortable with it) and approach you with RP and opportunities you might not yet know to seek out! It also allows our team to quickly scale any combats to make sure you receive the proper challenge for your skills.  


We'd love to hear what you thought of the event! Did we miss something? Could something be better or worse? Did we forget to give you some helpful information? Please take a minute and fill out our Event Feedback Form.

We also usually congregate at Pizza Italia in Booneville for some conversation and community - after all the people behind the neat character are always more awesome!

You can also help us help more new players by completing the National Dystopia Rising New Player Survey and you'll earn 10 National AP, which is usable at National Events.