During the weekend there will be hiking, running, fighting and maybe even some hiding. These activities will likely raise your activity level much higher than you're used to - it does for us! To make sure you're able to enjoy the event, it's important to stay well-fed and hydrated.

Information on the cooking and food storage options can be found on the Campsite Amenities page, under Resources.


  • Drink Water. Dehydration can cause exhaustion and pain (among other problems), and that's likely to put a severe cramp in your game weekend. Pun completely intended.
  • A lot of non-water beverages are also a diuretic. So while you get some hydration from them - you get less water than you feel like you're getting.
  • Drink some type of sports drink to replace your electrolytes. Eat some salty foods. If Arkansas is hot, it's also humid. Heat injuries and illnesses are a serious risk in hot and humid environments, so please be careful and hydrate appropriately.


  • Don't skip meals! Skipping meals is very hard on the body and while you're likely to be on the run for much of the weekend you should still try to make sure and eat regularly. Even smaller, more frequent meals are better than skipping meals outright.
  • Don't forget the healthy stuff! It's not just all carbs and sugar, make sure you include fruits, vegetables and proteins too! That will help you maintain your energy levels through the weekend. Trail mix, raw fruits & veggies, and cheese & jerky are all great examples of portable, quick foods.
    • Also remember that Potassium can keep you from that inopportune muscle cramp and Zinc can prevent the dreaded post-event plague!

Eating in Apocalyptic Style

Now that we've discussed what to eat, let's talk about how you can use food to enhance your post-apocalyptic experience. Our team works hard to maintain the grim setting and keep players immersed in the wasteland world and one of the worst ways to be pulled back to the mundane world is through modern food packaging. Here are a few easy tips on how to change the look and keep the taste:

  • Try not to eat foods that look very modern or processed, and at the least, try not to eat anything directly out of the bag or package. Tear the labels off cans, wrap cans in tape or drink them in a paper bag.
  • Try to place any food or drink into a genre-appropriate container when eating it - something like a Mason jar (they even come in plastic versions!).
  • Keep your space clean! Nothing is more disruptive than modern cans and candy wrappers strewn about a person's sleeping area. Clean it up and hide the evidence and everyone will have a better experience.
  • Try to find appropriate ways to refer to the food you're eating. Instead of drinking 'sports drink' say 'watered down hooch' or 'fruit juice'.