New characters can start with starter equipment if they have certain skills and while not every skill has a starting equipment option, but many of them do and we've listed those below.

Starter equipment will be given out at a player's first game. All starter items have an expiration of 6 months or less.

Want to make your own weapon prop? 

Here are some links to help you get started or advance your crafting skills.

Basic Boffer Weapons & Shields
  - Text Instructions
  - Video

Basic Ranged Weapons
  - Text Instructions
  - Video on Packets

Weapon Skills

Starter Shield, Max Crafts Level 3

Starter Throwing, set of 6, Max Crafts Level 3

Throwing, Javelins
Starter Javelin, set of 1, Max Crafts Level 3

Melee Small
Starter Small, Max Crafts Level 3

Melee Standard
Starter Standard, Max Crafts Level 3

Melee Large
Starter Large, Max Crafts Level 3

Max Two-Handed
Starter Two-Handed, Max Crafts Level 3

Trade Skills

Trade Ties
2 Uncommon Herb or Scrap

First Aid
Starter Crash-Kit

2 Snake Oils, Injested, Heal 5 Body

Fishing pole - per generic item creation


Natural One
1 Produce and 5 Pyrite


Starter Armor is available to all players. Starter Armor also has a six month expiration date and is graded on a scale from 1-30, with higher armor points going to costuming that is heavy duty, provides good coverage, and is post-apocalyptic in style.

Specifics are found here.