Opt-in plot for october 2018

Sometimes we write stories and we think they’re a bit heavily flavored with ingredients that might not be something the majority of our players are interested in. It’s a good thing, because at one point or another everything from the ingredients list should show up - but that doesn’t mean it should impact the entire game with the full level of spice.

October has two plots that will be operating with Opt-In Targeting, and luckily both of them have similar elements so we can just do one form of identification! :) Now as always, you can also opt-out. So if you get into game and realize you’re not up for the stuff listed below, just take off the white glow-bracelet and you won’t be targeted.

If you complete the form below you are consenting to:

  • Light to Medium physical contact/restraint

  • Short torture scenes

  • Character death and infection loss

Name *
Consent *
I consent to Light to Medium physical contact/restraint, short torture scenes, character death and infection loss. I also understand that at any time I can opt-out of a scene / these elements by removing my white glow-band.