Characters may not start as locals.

There is no real formalized structure that outsiders have been able to figure out when it comes to the Genjian. Those few Genjian that have visited Crystal Creek have kept their motivations to themselves. Most outsiders would be surprised to know that many Genjian family ancestors may have been imprisoned in this area long ago.


It is a prevailing theory, at least among themselves, that Genjian ancestors would have hidden family artifacts and heirlooms to keep them from outsiders’ hands. Rumors of these artifacts draw Genjian to the lands around Crystal Creek. A wise group of Genjian might establish themselves as locals, and the security that goes with that, before digging too deep.


semper mort

Characters must come from Acxiom Site 42.

Those few that have awoken from their long slumber with the mental faculties to remember, would have noticed signs of Acxiom Site 42. What this is, or what this means, is anyone’s guess. Most, if not all, Semper Mort have found themselves within Crystal Creek mainly because there is no alternative (that they know of) and to travel into parts unknown would surely result in their death….or worse.


Semper Mort in Crystal Creek quickly learn to hide the outward signs of their feral nature. A Ghoulie who leaves blood from a feeding on their face or clothes might find violence directed towards them by locals who are concerned that they are part of the zed threat.