New Players

If this is your first game please use the button below to take you to the store and select 'new player'. The form attached to that ticket will ask you all the questions we need to know in order to set you up for your very first visit to the apocalypse!

If the tickets button doesn't work, pre-registration is closed. Don't worry though! You can still register on site! :)

returning players

After purchasing your ticket, please use the self check-in system to select which characters you will play, choose an NPC shift, and convert AP. The ticket system does not connect to the database. The self check-in system does, which means you will be certain which NPC shift you are getting, how much AP you have and if you have any tasty referral XP to spend.

If you are having trouble with self check-in, please email or your home branch if you are not an Arkansas player. 

Our Wish Lists are kept on Google docs, if you have trouble accessing it please email us at the above and we'll do our best to help. Wish-lists are usually available when pre-registration starts, but check back often as sometimes we add items to the list. :)

non-attending players

Complete your ticket purchase and in the notes let us know that you are not attending the game.