Overgrowth of the Undying

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Overgrowth of the Undying


The Overgrowth hides humanity’s secrets in plain sight.

The wild spaces have grown to nearly swallow the area in bundles of vines, trees, and overgrown wastelands. Here, you will find massive beasts, new Dust-Bowl settlements, and pre-fall secrets that start to explain the fall of humanity and the birth of the Strains as we know them.

Welcome to the Overgrowth, we hope you don’t end up lost. This book contains information on the following:

Details on the Nuclear Family Faith

Strain details for Rovers, Natural Ones, and Remnants
Mechanics for massive creatures found in the Overgrowth
Details on Mutation and Evolution

Location Details for The Overgrowth Region and Surround Expanses including: 

The Overgrowth, Westward Excess, Mountaina, I-Die-Low, Yellstone, 
Skatchen Land, The Tinderlands, Lorado, The Drylands, Deserter.

This is a source book for the Dystopia Rising universe, not a stand alone game. 

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