This is where our fight began…

Dana Mangles sends out a call for aid from the Misery Bay Subway, an abolitionist group working with Crystal Creek.
First Poster from the Misery Bay Subway during the fight to Starve Out Slavers in Spire Island (Posted 1/3/19)

First Poster from the Misery Bay Subway during the fight to Starve Out Slavers in Spire Island (Posted 1/3/19)

How can you help?

This can be changed based on participation in the plot, but currently we’ll run this plot January through March.

Donate Herb and Produce cards that have not expired* to your local post-office if your chapter is participating in this plot. There’s a list of participating chapters below. If your chapter isn’t on that list but you still want to participate, send your cards through the good ol’ United States Postal Service to:

Dystopia Rising: Arkansas
308 Merganzer Dr.
Jacksonville, AR 72076

Participating Chapters:

  • Texas (Bravo)

  • Georgia (40 Watt)

  • Florida (Gatorland)

  • New Jersey (Haven)

*Expirations: We cannot accept anything that has actually gone PAST it’s expiration month, but we can accept herb/produce in it’s last 1-3 months.

crystal creek only

These missions are designed to allow local players to impact the end of slavery alongside the rest of the network, but at a local level and even though we don’t have events until later. Succeeding or failing at these missions WILL change the story we tell later in the year!

The skill uses do NOT have to come from a specific number of characters, but each use comes with a corresponding cost that you’re agreeing to have in effect when you check into our next event. We recommend ya’ll communicate before sending us an email!

How to participate: Email us ( with the following info

  • Player Name & Player Number

  • Character Name

  • Mission Number/Name

  • Skill & Number of Levels/Uses expending

Mission 1: Safehouses


  • 10 levels of Big Dig &

  • 3 uses of Forging the Future


  • 1 level unavailable at check-in / level expended

  • -10% mind at check-in / use expended

Success: Freed Irons join the IronGuard

Fail: Spire Island recaptures and punishes Irons

Uprising 3 - Messengers 1 SUCCESS.jpg

Mission 3: Propaganda


  • 5 uses of Charisma

  • 2 uses of Deep Pockets

  • 3 uses of Trade Ties


  • -10% mind at check-in / use expended for Charisma

  • reduced uses of Deep Pockets & Trade Ties at check-in

Success: Sway other towns to join the efforts, Spire Island suffers more and the Iron Guard remain at Crystal Creek

Fail: Towns remain neutral or join Spire Island in condemning MBS, Iron Guard marches off to Spire Island

Uprising 2 - Safehouses SUCCESS.jpg

Mission 2: Stop the Cure


  • 5 uses of Parry

  • 2 full uses of Melee Weapon Expert


  • -10% mind at check-in / use expended for Parry

  • -15% mind at check-in / use expended for MWE

  • -5% body at check-in for all participants

Success: Hogg Family doesn’t get the cure to Wither

Fail: Hogg Family will get some of the cure

Uprising 4 - Propaganda.jpg