Strain prompts

These are meant to be used in addition to the source material for the strains and hopefully give a little insight into the local flavor of each.

What's it like in Crystal creek for the common strains?

Glad you asked....

  • A Baywalker in Crystal Creek might find themselves needing to prove over and over again that they're skilled in battle. The Iron Tusks will automatically assume a certain weakness to someone who hasn't faced the area's specific dangers. The Crescent Wrench Guild will openly welcome a knowledgeable Baywalker and the skillsets they bring.
  • A non-local Lascarian in Crystal Creek will be familiar with the mistrust presented to them, even by the locals of their own strain. More cut-throat and seemingly harsh by the standards of the other strains, they will understand that anyone from another group needs to earn the trust of the locals.
    • Local Lascarians are members of the Widow Maker clan, if you wish to make a Widow Maker and want more information on them please see the Locals page or email
  • A Merican in Crystal Creek might think these folks are pretty cool because they don't point out social mistakes, but this only happens because their lack of manner confirms what the locals assumed: People not from here are rude and not to be trusted.
  • A Nation of Accensor in Crystal Creek might feel more alienated than usual, their point of view on their faith being outright ignored or overshadowed by local beliefs.
  • A non-Iron Tusk Natural One in Crystal Creek can expect the customary reception of one tribe to another. Welcoming, but still slightly distant or suspicious.
    • Local Natural Ones are members of the Iron Tusk tribe, if you wish to make an Iron Tusk and want more information on them please see the Locals page or email
  • A Red Star in Crystal Creek will not feel as out of place here as they might in other parts of the wasteland. Their more insular nature, taking care of your own and mistrusting others, will at least be recognized as a valid mindset.
  • A Remnant in Crystal Creek might have an even harder time finding someone who legitimately cares about them. They may have to settle for grudging tolerance before being afforded any real worth in society.
  • Masks for Retrogrades are definitely a life-or-death necessity in Crystal Creek. Locals will not hesitate to take out threats, and an un-masked Retro may find themselves already bleeding to death before they can speak and prove their living status.
  • A Rover in Crystal Creek might be a bit offended at their word not going as far with the locals as they are accustomed to.
  • A Yorker in Crystal Creek might find a bit more respect for their bluntness to a certain point, but crossing the line into outright rude or disrespectful will be dealt with far more harshly than they might expect.

Why would a common strain visit or move to crystal creek?

  • Baywalker - to bring education and knowledge to the area (doctoring, SCIENCE!, etc.)
  • Lascarians - new settlement means new opportunities, right?
  • Mericans - following legends of moonshiners and a sweet, sweet hooch that can't be found anywhere else.
  • Nation of Accensor - missionaries of their faith, sent or came on their own, to establish a hub in the area and to bring new members into the fold.
  • Natural Ones - non-Iron Tusk Natural Ones might come for interesting and challenging opportunities in Crystal Creek. Iron Tusks are just coming home.
  • Red Star - the rumor that a non-local could find this place to be a safe haven is pretty tempting when combined with the rumor that a cell started up the Crescent Wrench Guild, a local group of some importance.
  • Remnants - based on the receptions found in more southern settlements, a mutant might hope that the welcome given to Red Star will also extend to them.
  • Retrogrades - a nuclear plant irradiated all the water, good work available for those resistant to radiation.
  • Rovers - a new place to see? Sign me up!
  • Yorkers - new settlement? Time to represent and carve out our piece.