No matter which strain you'd like to play, reading the local setting information for what each strain can expect in Crystal Creek is worth your time - it's groans, laughs and sighs all in one place!

Banned: These strains will not be approved for any reason.

  • Diesel Jocks

  • Reclaimers

  • Saltwise

  • Solestros

  • Unborn

Please also take a look at the concepts that are banned from play locally.

Rare: These strains require background approval, 300 AP expenditure, 6 months of play in the Dystopia Rising Network, and Director permission prior to entering play. These characters should exemplify the setting material and must uphold high standards of roleplay and costuming. There is a hard cap to the number of Rare strains allowed into the game.

  • Genjian - May not start play as a local

  • Semper Mort - Must come from Acxiom Site 42

Info on Rare Strains can be found here.

Full Dead.jpg

Uncommon: These strains require an approved background, 150 AP expenditure and two months of play in the Dystopia Rising Network. These strains require extensive costuming and ties to the local setting. 

  • Full Dead

  • Iron Slaves

  • Vegasians - Must not be affiliated with Mob Town in any way

  • Pure Bloods - Must belong to the McAdams, Kirkpatrick and/or Morgan Families

Info on Uncommon Strains can be found here.

Requires Approval: These items require an approved background prior to entering play.

  • Characters under the age of 16.

Why do these things require approval?

These strains are the ones identified as being less common for our location. Since they are less common we want to make certain that they fulfill the stereotypical niches that each strain is designed to portray in the Dystopia Rising setting.