FULL dead

Full Dead in Crystal Creek find themselves faced with a steep uphill climb towards acceptance by the locals. Their uncanny resemblance to zed has led to some being mistakenly put down by roving patrols. This motivated most of the local Full Dead population to make themselves indispensable to the other local groups as well as to take pains to differentiate themselves from the undead.


iron slaves

Iron Slaves are usually welcomed by the locals for the help they can provide the crafters of Crystal Creek. Their hearty physical prowess and independent natures mesh well with the Iron Tusks…..however the local concept of Honor-Bound confuses them.  


Honor Binding is well-entrenched in Crystal Creek, to the point of being a matter of religion for many Iron Tusks. The Honor Bound there can be of any Strain and are always treated as children that are unable to stand on their own. To many this system looks and feels like slavery but even the Honor Bound protest that it is not, perhaps this bears further investigation.



May not be affiliated with Mob Town in any way.

Vegasians are used to a cold welcome, but those who have journeyed to Crystal Creek are finding a new level of distrust from the locals. The Iron Tusk tribe, and the other smaller groups of locals, put a high level of importance on honesty and fair trades. Needless to say, Vegasians are not known for that and so they often receive little to no welcome. To their credit, Iron Tusks will watch individual Vegasians for shady behavior before vilifying them….most of the time.


pure bloods


Many years back, James Francis McAdams ran afoul of the Shewmaker family in Spire Islands. Details concerning this altercation are rarely spoken about, but ultimately it led to the McAdams, Kirkpatrick, and Morgan families being exiled from the city.

Unsurprisingly, this is also around the time that the Shewmakers "discovered" their long lost heritage and renamed their family Clinton. The current Clinton Patriarch, Augustus Clinton, has consolidated his rule over Spire Islands and actively searches for members of the McAdams and their kin. It is unlikely that he hopes to find them in good health.

Characters Must belong to the McAdams, Kirkpatrick, and/or Morgan Families

The greater McAdams family consists of James McAdams, his son Warren McAdams, and his two daughters Barbara McAdams-Kirkpatrick and Stephanie McAdams-Morgan. These mergers were one of the main reasons that the McAdams family survived and eventually arrived safely within the lands of Crystal Creek.

While the McAdams were an old-money, refined family that was used to their lofty position and the advantages that came with such, the Kirkpatrick were shrewd managers, moneylenders, and innovators. They were a family on the rise before their expulsion and were more than a little bitter over their lost opportunities in Spire Island. Focused on regaining what they had, they will seek every opportunity to rebuild their empire.

No one will ever know what possessed Stephanie McAdams to marry Timothy Morgan. The Morgan family, while not brutes, definitely lacked the genteel polish of the McAdams and Kirkpatricks. They are well-versed in the arts of negotiation and business but they always exude a slight undertone of physical menace to those they deal with.