Dystopia Rising is a "contact safe" LARP game, set in the post-apocalyptic world, roughly 4-5 generations in the future. "Contact safe" means that the game uses foam implements and other artificial representations of things to lightly tap other players to execute a mechanic, avoiding any serious injury or unwanted physical contact.

Since Dystopia Rising uses fake violence, gore, emotionally stressful situations and mature themes, players must be 18 and older.

About us

Dystopia Rising: Arkansas is the Arkansas Chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP. Dystopia Rising is a fully immersive live action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Our game takes place in the fictional town of Crystal Creek, a long forgotten mining town with a reputation for secrecy, conflict, and a gritty determination to undertake what is necessary to survive. Skirting the swamps, marshes, and Misery Bay to the south and east, Crystal Creek is an important waystation for those attempting the dangerous trek through wild lands that have far too few friendly faces.

Our game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the name of the game is survival. From Friday to Sunday you will be fully immersed in a world that will require you to gather resources, fend off antagonists, and build a way of life from the ashes of the long-distant fall of mankind. Will you be a guiding light in this world of darkness...or a ruthless malcontent feeding off those around you?

Dystopia Rising is not a game based off the elimination of the undead, it is the delicate balance of morality vs survival. What will your character do to ensure the survival of themselves, their loved ones, and their friends? Should the situation arise, who is the most expendable?

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Please send your questions or comments to Krista@DystopiaRisingAR.com, or reach out to the Directors via Facebook.
If you have an idea for a mod or storyline please check out our Writer's Corner and apply to join our Writing Team!
Our team are volunteers and are not expected to answer questions between games, although they're awesome - so they might anyway.


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  • Coordinating:

    • Tommy Allen

    • Oran Cato

    • Gaby West-Garibay

    • Amy Wetzel

    • Patrick Bergeman

    • Nikki Robertson

    • Gavin Musgrove

    • Jesse Mundorff

  • Setting:

    • Maria Gibson

    • Laurel Grunst

  • Ops:

    • Caroline Vance

    • Truate Bearden

    • Beth Gibson

    • Tim Hamilton

    • Ray Gordon

  • Rules:

    • Alex Wright

    • Jeff Royal-Webb

    • Jenn Taft

    • Moe Breeding

    • Cheryl Lawrence

    • Cody Blackmon

    • Enid Falgo

    • Cody Padgett

    • Ian McReynolds

    • William Warren

  • New Player:

    • Ashley Ates

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