Types of Marshals (Guides)

Coordination Marshal (Guide) will spend their NPC hours at the Post Office filling out cards for Scrounging, Farming, and similar crafting skills while maintaining an immersive experience for other players. Nice handwriting is a plus, but not a must. They will create a persona Postal-Worker to help maintain that immersion and are encouraged to make them feel as life like as possible. These Marshals are overseen by Krista.

Rules Marshal (Guide) will spend their NPC hours running modules given to them by the Ops Marshal, which in a nutshell means taking NPCs out into the gamespace and supervising them. Rules Marshals aren’t exactly glorified cat-herders, but it’s pretty close….kidding! They’re the first point of contact when a player is upset with how a mod went (fight or RP), they’re the Ops Marshals eyes & ears out in the field and their attitude is often one that sets the tone for all the NPCs they guide around. These Marshals are overseen by Truate.

Ops Marshal (Guide) will spend their NPC hours organizing chaos. Daunting eh? Well we provide you with a schedule, pre-written modules and many other tools to help! You must have completed at LEAST 3 months as a Rules Marshal before you can be considered for an Ops Marshal position. These Marshals are overseen by Caroline.

Settings Marshal (Guide) will spend their NPC hours creating immersive horror special effects make-up masterpieces, helping NPCs dress the part and sometimes other pieces that we tend to refer to as [REDACTED]. Please email at least 3 photos of your work (make-up or costume-creation) to Beth@DystopiaRisingAR.com, as she oversees these Marshals.

All Guides are expected to be familiar with the rules and available for witnessing CvC actions such as thefts or infection loss. All Guides are expected to help with leading either set-up (limited slots) or clean-up of site.

To be considered for a guide position in Arkansas you will need to have completed the Sexual Misconduct Reading & Quizzes with 100% scores.

Additionally, Arkansas team members attend a team weekend retreat at Camp Cahinnio in January. Attendance is not required, but is encouraged as it gives us a time outside of game to be a family and take care of a few tasks (like training) that we aren’t able to do during the regular season.

Arkansas team members are also expected to be leaders in the community, and sometimes that means we (Beth, Caroline, Dave, Krista & Truate) will hold them to a higher standard, restrict some of their play-actions or ask them to steer some stories.  #WeAreBecauseYouAre is a core tenet for us and that means we all need to lead by example.

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