Coordination Marshals

are in charge of filling out cards for Scrounging, Farming, and similar crafting skills, as well as answering any questions that may come in to the Post Office. They will be the ones interacting with the other players for prints, item cards, check-in, and other questions.

rules Marshals

are expected to know the rules to the system and be able to adjudicate out in the field if there is a rules discrepancy, as well as be the eyes and ears for the game if they see cheating or misuse of rules. They assist in running whatever modules need to be sent out. For the most part this means going out with groups of NPCs as their leader in the field. Rules marshals can expect to be actively walking for most of their 4 hours.

ops marshals

have the responsibility to update and manage the White Board, send out the pre-written modules, keep NPCs and the other Marshals running smoothly and resolving issues if they crop up. While Rules Marshals will go out into the field, the Ops Marshal will stay in Ops to be available. To apply for an Ops Marshal position you must have at least 3 months experience as a Rules Marshal.

SETTING marshals

are expected to have advanced skills with make-up, both normal and SFX. Settings Marshals will work with Ops and Rules Marshals to help get NPCs in appropriate costuming and make-up as needed by the modules being run. You will need to submit at least three photos demonstrating your skill with make-up.

all marshals

are expected to be familiar with the rules and available for witnessing CvC actions such as thefts or physical combat while in play . All Marshals are expected to help with leading either set-up (limited slots) or clean-up of site.

To be considered for a marshal position in Arkansas you will need to have completed the Sexual Misconduct Reading & Quizzes with 100% scores.

Additionally, Arkansas team members attend a team weekend retreat at Camp Cahinnio in January. Attendance is not required, but is encouraged as it gives us a time outside of game to be a family and take care of a few tasks that we aren’t able to do during the regular season.

Arkansas team members are also expected to be leaders in the community, and sometimes that means we (Dave & I) will hold them to a higher standard, restrict some of their play-actions or ask them to steer some stories. #WeAreBecauseYouAre is a core tenet and that means that we all need to lead by example.

New Player Marshals are selected by Directors, as it is a very different position with different requirements. If you are interested in this role please add that to the notes section of the application form.

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