Wasteland zone is everywhere outside the red border closest to town.

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Campsite Times & Rules

  • Players are allowed on site no earlier than 2pm on Friday afternoons, please do not drive past the designated and marked parking areas.

  • Players are never allowed to drive past the parking areas. To reduce traffic on camp there will be a shuttle service from the parking areas to the game areas from 2pm - 8pm.

    • After 8pm players will have to carry their gear from the car to their camping space. Currently the camp has a limited number of carts so please arrive during the shuttle period if possible, especially if you have a lot of gear.

  • Game will end at Noon on Sunday. The shuttle service will operate from approximately 12:30pm-2pm.

Cabins and Tent Platforms

Due to the small number of buildings on site, all persons who are willing to Tent will be awarded 20AP. This policy may change at a later date.

  • The BA Unit has 9 cabins with 6 beds each.

    • All cabins have electricity, sliding windows w/ screens, heaters and air conditioning.

    • An outdoor cooking area is provided (pavilion) and includes a campfire circle and picnic area.

    • Served by a separate bathhouse.

  • Jefferey House has 10 beds in two rooms and two platform tents with 4 bunks each. This is also ‘Safe Sleep’ which means no casted antagonists will enter those rooms at any hour.

    • Offers a full kitchen and modern bathroom facilities, including a shower.

  • CURRENTLY NPC-LAND: The Tipi Unit has 8 canvas platform tents with 4 beds each.

    • One platform tent has electricity.

    • An outdoor cooking area is provided and includes a campfire circle and picnic area.

    • Served by a separate bathhouse.

  • The Tree House has 2 buildings on stilts and connected by a walkway. Altogether there are 6-8 beds.

    • These are screened buildings only.

    • These can easily fit more survivors than there are beds.

Nurse's cabin (Marked OOG on Map)

  • Right Side (when looking at doors): Three beds there are for those who have a medical reason to require Out of Character Sleep.

  • Platform Tent (behind): This has 4 bunks and an extension cord can reach into the cabin. This is also considered Out of Character sleep for those with medical needs.

  • Left Side (when looking at doors): This space has a single bed but IS NOT FOR ANYONE TO USE FOR SLEEP - it is a Decompression Room. This is also where you can go to find the first aid supplies.Kitchens & Food Storage


  • Jefferey House has a conventional kitchen (one you would find in a home) and it is free for anyone to use.

  • The Dining Facility has microwaves, sinks and cold storage that anyone can use. Using anything else in this kitchen requires special permission and an Arkansas Food Handler's Permit due to safety concerns.

  • There are two pavilions and many fire circles that can be used as outdoor kitchens, please familiarize yourself with our rules on open flame.

  • All dishes and cooking equipment should be cleaned, dried, and put away after use, as close to immediately after as possible.

    • Please do not use any equipment that you do not know how to use or properly clean.

  • Kitchens are in-game areas, please stay in character while using them.

    • Because there are a number of possible safety hazards in an active kitchen (stove/grill, knives, pots, etc.) it is a non-combat zone. Combat that might interfere with the kitchen will be pulled outside and resumed.