welcome to arkansas!

We love having visitors, but we want to make sure you enjoy your stay as much as possible, so please review the following and understand we're only telling you this because we care. :)

Drink water and replenish your electrolytes more than normally required, even when compared to other Dystopia Rising Events.

Arkansas, especially in the summer, is very hot and very humid. This means that the normal method for your body to cool down - sweating - is much less effective. Our team are all trained to recognize and treat the symptoms of heat illness and heat injury, but the best thing we can all do is prevent such problems and ensure you enjoy your weekend with us.

To learn more about the various risks of heat injury and heat illness, check out the Arkansas' Department of Health's webpage on it and the video they sponsored. Even though the video is about organized sports-exertion it is still an applicable message. I promise we'll work you just as hard as the featured sporting events!

Ticks are present for most of our season, get a buddy and help check one another for the little pests.

Here in Arkansas ticks can be active for all 12 months of the year and we have most of the disease-spreading species. Our ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and Ricksettsia parkeri rickettsiosis (another form of spotted fever). The Camp Ranger treats the common areas and trails for ticks and other pests to reduce the risk - but we also know that we tend to take our game outside of these areas.

The Arkansas Department of Health has a very informative webpage on Arkansas ticks and their diseases. If you need help checking for ticks, found one and aren't confident in removing it or just need to borrow our tweezers, please stop by the Nurse's cabin.

Travel Tips

  • Little Rock has the largest (and thus cheapest) airport in the state, although Fayetteville is working on upgrading theirs. IF you plan to fly into Little Rock (LIT) please reach out via our Facebook Group or Events and speak with some of the locals about rides and/or crash space.
  • "Don't like Arkansas' weather? Wait five minutes, it'll change." Like many states in our area, our weather is predictable in its unpredictability. Plan for whatever the forecast says plus several degrees in either direction.
  • Arkansas is considered a rural state and so it has different things to offer than what you might find in the more traditional 'big city' tourism spots. It has a ton to offer in more outdoorsy or cave exploration type activities and I highly recommend checking out the Arkansas Parks and Tourism website if you have a few days and want to see the sights.