If you'd like to be a paid writer for Dystopia Rising: Arkansas please submit a sample module and 3 ideas for additional modules. Please allow at least 5-10 business days for Caroline to respond. Even if you are not accepted as a writer you will receive a response from them.

The sample module will not be used if your application is not accepted, although if accepted we may include it in a contract and pay for it.

Example Module: 

Name of Writer: Joe Shmoe

Name of Module: Gravemind Research

Number of NPCs Required and Description (including Face NPCs):

1 Rover. 1 Black Widow Lascarian. 1 is a Doctor and 1 is a Scientist (Lascarian) researching Gravemind activity. Low stats.

5 Diggers. 4 low stats. 1 high stats.

Intent of Module

This mod is to gather interest about some odd zed and Gravemind phenomena, emphasizing the setting aspect of the Gravemind. 

Module Description

There’s been some weird zed showing up around town, and a Rover caravan has come in researching what might be causing it. Called the “Hidden Path Caravan,” this group of rovers are intent on following Gravemind phenomena. They actually found that the Black Widows, a group of Lascarians in the area, have been dealing with some strange things in their tunnels. Working together, the two are looking to have people help them take samples from a nearby area next to the tunnels.

The researchers will try to get a few people together to venture into a maze-like wooded area to take samples of the slime that’s coating the trees. Anyone with Scrounge will be able to scrounge a “sample” by spending 2 minutes gathering it for study.

Along the way, they will encounter 5 traps: 3 eye spike trap (trip wire) and 2 gas trap (pressure plate). These can be disabled as per the norm.

Once the players encounter the spider webs (set further into the trees), then diggers will begin to attack. The spider webs should have a unique plot mechanic kit that allows them to cause the effect “Impale.” Players will have to scrounge samples while also dealing with the diggers and avoid the webs.

NOTE: If someone is a psion and does something like Maelstrom in the area, that person will receive Disresonance, Onset. Sheet should be updated accordingly by the marshal.

If someone uses RESEARCH on the samples with a LIBRARY, this is what they can find out:

The substance is a type of slime mold that is a product of an excess of psions in the area in addition to a recent mass of psionic/bad brained deaths. It’s effectively the Gravemind sending out fungus-based tendrils as it’s been “irritated” by the wave of deaths—rather like a rash in a person. It’s similar to the Gravemind pustules from a few months ago, which also occurred during a massive amount of death. The slime mold seems to be linked to psionics in that it may actually attract powerful zed to that location.

Props, Set-Up and any Item Cards Needed: Trap cards (3 eye spike traps and 2 gas traps) with appropriate phys reps. Green slime (easily made with detergent and glue and food dye), fake spider webs

Module Location:

The Maze

Name *