Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback about our event, our website, our social media or anything else we do! 

Dave and I very much believe that the only way for us to improve is to receive feedback on the things you did and DIDN'T like - we actually consider the bad feedback to be the most important.

However, we're still people and so we may take some time to decompress before we read your feedback.

Here are a few blog articles from game-organizers that explain our typical relationship with feedback, in case you're curious. :)
Ryan Coogan - On LARP Criticism

Lizzie Stark - Toward a LARP Organizers' Bill of Rights

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Please note that if you decide to submit anonymous feedback we will be unable to reply or follow-up. <3

National Staff also have a Feedback Form, although we encourage you to speak with your local Directors first.