To fully and fairly accomodate our player base, we have the following local policies on these topics:



Please make sure to take a look at this LIST as these concepts are not appropriate for our game.


A day pass purchases half base xp and only has a two hour NPC shift requirement.

Day passes can be used from:

  • Friday 9pm to Saturday 4am

  • Saturday 8am to Saturday 12am (Midnight)

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Tents are not Out of Game (OOG) areas and are not immune to IG consequences or actions that must be made by characters. Someone might be dying on the doorstep of your tent and your characters must choose between their safety and the lives of others. We encourage you to engage in this moral dilemma.

During quiet hours (2am-ish to 8am-ish) tents are 'off limits', for the most part. When an attack does occur you can expect the following.

- A marshal will announce their presence and if they intend to attack.
- The occupants then have 30 seconds to exit their tent and meet the threat.
- If the occupants choose not to exit the tent the Marshal may call damage from outside. This damage will equally affect all occupants.
- During this encounter no one is permitted to enter your tent or remove you from the tent on an OOG level.

All Character versus Character (CvC) actions require a Marshal. CvC against a tent occurs similarly to NPC attacks against a tent.
- The Marshal will announce the attack and the occupants have 30 seconds to exit and meet the attack before damage can be declared.

CvC Theft is handled differently, since usually the occupant will not be present.
-The Marshal will announce themselves and confirm if anyone is in the tent before entering the tent with the thief player.
-They may look for items (cards/phys reps) that have been left out, but may not toss the tent looking for things. They also must avoid things with a green cloth over them (traditional OOG marking) or clearly marked OOG.

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If you require out-of-game sleep you  must provide a doctor's note which says that you require special sleep accommodations and that you can safely participate in our events. Please scan and send this note to Having that note on file with us allows you to use the Med-Cabin Bunks (3) or to hang an orange glow stick from your bunk and have OOC Sleep signed off on your character sheet by Krista.

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Currently there are no designated smoking areas, but that may change if cigarette butts are found during clean-up. Currently the only restriction is not to smoke near open windows or within 50 feet of a doorway. This restriction is for pipes, cigarettes, cigars and hookahs but does not apply to electronic cigarettes.

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The One Job Policy is:“Crafters may come to ops with One Job per crafting session, where one job equals one item card, or 3 Blueprints”

This means that if a player wants to make 10 Travelers Brews that is fine. But if they wish to make 1 Travelers Brew and 1 Uncle Todd’s they will need to do so in 2 trips.

  • Many times players want their 10 Brews split onto separate cards. This can be done in ‘one trip’ at the discretion of the Coord Marshal on duty. If there’s a line or a line forms they may ask the player to come back when the post office isn’t so busy.

If a player is making armor as well as the components for that armor, that is fine as it will result in Ops filling out 1 card. If they wish to make extra components they will need a second trip.

If they are crafting up an item 5 times, that is also fine as it results in 1 card.

The only exception to this is if a print, item or skill gives the specific benefit of making a second item. Like the Master Still which kicks out a random brew when crafting a CL 5 brew. This would allow 2 cards as that is the benefit of the item.

To prevent Logistics from bottle-necking, Marshals may prioritize small, quick requests over complicated or long requests. Players with a long request are encouraged to come during off-peak hours to minimize the time they spend waiting. Materials used for crafting but not turned into Logistics are still in-play and vulnerable to theft and destruction. Requests turned in after an exceptionally long time may not be honored (ie turning in Friday night's brewing on Sunday morning). This is at the Marshal's discretion.  

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No campfires may be created outside of an already established fire pit. Players wishing to make a campfire must either provide firewood or use already downed dead fall from the forest.

Fires and hot cooking surfaces MUST be watched at ALL TIMES. Similarly there must always be a way to extinguish the heat nearby.

During combat, a marshal may take your place and watch the fire/hot surface for you. The marshal will verbally inform you that they are taking your place. Unless this happens, a single player is required to remain by the fire.

Combat will never take place near a fire or hot surface, but just like bathrooms - this should not be used as a way to avoid IG dilemmas.

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Just like our characters, we're survivors! To make sure you survive the horror movie of the weekend, be sure to follow the three golden rules!

  1. No sex, characters who sneak off to have sex in horror movies always wind up dead!

  2. No illegal drugs, you'll need your wits about you to survive!

  3. No alcohol, it never fails that whoever goes to get the last case of beer ends up mysteriously missing!

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As ‘New Player’ is an out of game status indicating that the player is within their first three games in the community, initiating non-consensual CvC with a new player can result in Disciplinary Action being levied against the experienced player. This will never be something that we do without asking questions and investigating the context of the situation - but if we find someone harassing new players IG without OOG consent, we will take notice and action.

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