September 2018 - Be the Change


We're going to stay with what is now our ‘Summer Schedule’. We’ll use this for any games May through September, and we’ll go back to our Regular Schedule in the other months.

  • Saturday morning mods will go 9am-1pm

  • Heat Advisory Hours (no mods) will be 1pm-4pm

    • Cheryl is generously donating a few hours to lifeguard the lake area around the dock again. 2pm-4pm

Post Office Hours will be:

  • Game On - 3am

  • 8am - 3am

  • 8am - Noon

If you have need of a card when the Post Office is closed and you can find an already awake Coord Marshal you can ask them to help you get the paperwork for your project. Please don't wake up a sleeping Marshal for this. I'll have to go all angry-LARP-Mom on you.


Last month we used the Director Cabin for Director Sleep and also as the central point for organizing clean up. Unfortunately not everyone is as kind to the camp as we are and that cabin isn’t a rentable space at the moment. That may change in the future, but for now we will go back to our previous sleeping arrangements in the left side of the Medical Building and using Jeffery House porch for organizing clean-up.


Voting Drive

You’re our family, and we want your voices to be heard. To that end we’re doing a voting participation drive to give every ounce of encouragement we can. To vote in this year’s General Election you need to be registered by Oct 9th.

20 AP - for proof of registration to vote (you can use
50AP - for every election you vote in (Arkansas Election Dates) - I know this year we’ve already gone past the primary elections, but we’ll probably do this again next time and include those.

IF you are an Arkansas player (defined as the database saying you are an Arkansas player) but live in a state other than Arkansas, you can still participate. (Texas Election Dates, Missouri Election Dates, Kansas Election Dates, Oklahoma Election Dates, Mississippi Election Dates)

Continuing Education about Sexual Misconduct

RAINN taught us that one of the most important elements for keeping our community safe is empowering everyone to identify and confront unacceptable behaviors. That's why we wrote a strong policy, with clearly defined paths of action in partnership with Texas and Oklahoma.

To further empower the community, nationwide, the DR LLC team has worked with RAINN to break down the information into easily digestible chunks and created two quizzes to check your understanding of the information. We encourage everyone to participate and work towards scores of 100% (you can take them as many times as you'd like)!

You can email us ( a screenshot of your 100% completion and we'll award you 50AP for each quiz you ace!

To better ensure the safety of our community and to promote an educated & uniform response & awareness from Marshals, going forward anyone wanting to be considered for a Marshal position will need to have completed both quizzes.

See you all in the wastes! <3