An individual with Master Financial Influence may choose to create a group that is a sister-organization to one of the Financial Institutions used for the Proficient Financial Influence check-in skill. They should inform their branch with an Action Request (below) of this decision and state which Financial Institution they choose to ally with. This is separate from using Master Financial Influence to request a module. (pg 119)

 Financial Institutions for Crystal Creek



Specializing in transporting cargo along the coast and up and down the waterways of Crystal Creek the Twin Suns have expanded past ships, but still consider themselves ‘piratical merchants' of the Riverlands.

Founded by Rovers they take contracts and matters of their word very seriously. Many of them wear scarves even if they’re not Rovers and they all have a crew tattoo.


tarbucks trading co.

Morally absent at best and depraved at worst, they trust no one outside their faction, and will generally work with the highest bidder until it no longer suits their interests. 

Saltwise, Baywalkers. No dominant faith presence. Denizens wear a short length of rope around their torso like a sash to identify their own as well as a crew tattoo

Moon Beam Cavalcade.png

moon beam cavalcade

The city’s primary religion is Techno-Evolutionaries of Darwin, but the top scientists are pushed away from the faith as they believe it holds us back from finding the true path of science. 

MoonBeam Cavalcade gains its name from the giant spotlight they have shining into the sky. Majority of its power from old solar panels that has been hooked up to the giant spotlight they have attached to one of their Iron Horses.

Guiding Hand.png

the guiding hand

A subsect of the Sainthood of Ashes this group was mostly comprised of Rovers and Nation of Accensors, but lately many Townies have flocked to the group.

Since the Great War they have become a trading partner with larger groups across the Riverlands. They all still wear the same patch and focus on helping Blue Birds and those still new to the wasteland.

The Hopeful FI Logo.png

the hopeful

Any strain, mostly Sainthood. They focus on providing food for those who can trade or are in dire need. They paint their face with a black marking of a crossed HF.

Survivors of a horrific attack from an advanced, but unknown, weapon of mass destruction during The War - these people are adamantly opposed to weapons research. They travel the Riverlands with a mobile greenhouse built of salvaged stain-glass.

True Medic Corp.png

true medic corp

Any strain, mostly Sainthood. They focus on discovering and spreading medical knowledge to all people, through trade and sometimes charity. They all have a patch of a red cross topped with wings.

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