We always say ‘play the type game you want to see’.
this is how you literally request that type of game!

This is where you can request your own modules! Ask for something that touches on your character's background, touches on a plot that trailed off without a solid conclusion for you or allow you to bring in a new element and express your own brand of the apocalypse! This is also where you can say “hey, this skill isn’t getting the type of toyetic or enhanced engagement/information I’d like to see” in modules (pg 101).

These submissions will in no way deter us from creating plot content designed to chase you through the woods and leave you huddling together in the cabins for safety...er...I mean...

Enhanced Engagement/Information Request

Name *

Personal module request

Anyway, what we will do is take your request and pair it with one of our excellent Writers. They will take your request and turn it into a fully fleshed out module, which we will try and send out at the requested time.

If pressed for time (we can only fit so much horror into a weekend) we will prioritize the modules that engage and interact with the most players. Don't worry though, if your plot doesn't get run the month following your request we'll put it higher on the priority list for the next month.

Keep in mind, this isn't a tool to bring Support NPCs out for personal RP, nor is it likely that every detail of what you are asking for will go exactly by the script you provide. We're going to mix it up, work with you and make sure the module matches genre, overarc tone, continuity and also provides the best potential for plot and story. These stories are for you, so please don't submit requests for anyone else without discussing it with them, in detail.

Oh, also, if you want a story to deal with your character's background, you'll need to make sure that we have the background. ;)

read this section before filling out the form

Please be informative and succinct as you fill out the form. If there are backstories or other plots that you are referencing, please give as much specific detail as possible.

We can only use materials from backstories of DR AR characters and we can only run plots and stories that originate inside Arkansas.

Try to put your story request together after reading the Dystopia Rising world materials, considering how you would want the story to feel, and which people you want to involve. The more players you involve in your request the more resources we invest into bringing the story to life. Plus you get another amazing story to share with your friends.