November 2018 - That's a Wrap

Alright, super short blog-post coming up….mostly cause after throwing so much weird shit at you last game we decided to keep this month simple. ;) <3


We specifically schedule our November event on Thanksgiving weekend. Our community has a higher % of peeps (including Dave & I) where a traditional family event is either hella stressful or just not an option - so being able to share some fellowship and food with our nerd-family is very very important for us.

We’re always happy to see everyone for this event, but please remember that the people organizing the feast have volunteered to do so and likely need far more help than they will outright ask for. Offer to help them repeatedly! Many hands make light work!

Also, if you want to add to the feast, you can sign up: DR AR 2019 Thanksgivemas Feast


This month we’ve focused mostly on wrapping up older stories, or at least starting the process of wrapping them up. We still don’t have a hard date for when the 3 year time-skip will happen but we know that very very few (if any) stories will cross the gap with us.

We’re moving to a new way of organizing our stories, and we think you’re going to be as excited as we are.

We’re going to focus more heavily on having an overarching story for each event. This means that each event will have a story with Rising Actions (Trigger, Quest, Surprise, Critical Choices), Climax and Falling Action. This doesn’t mean all stories will be limited to a single weekend. Much like the Star Wars 4-5-6 Trilogy we can tell a larger story while still having a complete arc for a weekend.

This means we’re gonna be able to give more focused teasers in so many more places (liiiiiiike the names for our events on Facebook). It also means you can look at the story for the weekend in advance and see if it’s one that you’re super duper invested in or if it’s an event you can miss and not feel too much FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). (If you actually can do this please teach me…)

We’ll make a blog post about that and more cool 2019 stuff after the November event. The next blog post will also start some discussions on what ya’ll think Crystal Creek should look like post time-skip. We can’t delve into the minutiae (cause y’know - blood oath and stuff), but we can start talking broad strokes and we want to have those conversations with you!

See ya’ll in the wastes! <3