October 2018 - In Your Hands


We're going back to our normal schedule, which will often be referred to as the winter schedule or ‘oh thank god more chances for sleep’.


Your Part

So, this month has opt-in plots and we’ll watch for the white glow-bands when we’re targeting people with those plots. You’ll always be able to find some glow at NPC Camp if you want to opt-in partway through game. You can also opt-out by just taking off the glow.

However, the plot is impacting the game as a whole - and to be honest, the overarc I’ve been so excited about 100% depends on how much ya’ll want to buy into it. I’m giving OOC knowledge about the mechanics a week prior to game to make sure you have a chance to ask questions - but hopefully your PC won’t suddenly know how to circumvent the effects. <3


Everyone’s throat is sore and the muscles feel tight, to the point of pain and damaging yourself when you use your vocal chords. Speaking above a whisper will cause the following effects:

  • 10 seconds of normal volume speech = 10 Body

  • 10 seconds of yelling/screaming = 1 Murder (10 body w/o bleed out timer)

There are ways to mitigate this effect, but you’ll need to find that out in game. It will come to an end at 10am on Sunday, although muscles will still be tight/painful just not enough to cause damage.

I will be giving an example of what each volume should sound like at Opening Announcements in case you’re not sure. I trust ya’ll to make reasonable decisions throughout the weekend and remind each other when someone’s voice raises and they forget to take the damage.

I look forward to scaring the pants off ya’ll and hope you buy into the fun we’ve planned for you. :)


Lately we’ve heard a lot of scuttlebutt about Character versus Character situations heating up and we want to take a moment to remind everyone that no matter what, we’re playing a game with our friends in a community we care about. So here are some tips for how to have character versus character antagonism add to the story and experience for everyone involved.

  1. Don’t lie about it out of game. That’s the fastest way to move it from character versus character to player versus player.

  2. If you’re up for it, reach out and ask the other person if they’d like to discuss some negative RP coming their way. Some people deal a lot better with it if they receive a heads up. You don’t have to give them specifics, but a general ‘heya’ can go a long way.

  3. Aim for story, not mechanics. Don’t aim to perm a character with multiple infection in a single weekend. Especially if you haven’t done a pre-negative scene check-in as described in #2. The player of that character still wants to have fun at game and so would you.

  4. Be open to non-infection loss story and talk with the other player about it. Steering a story between two players is a wonderful way to make sure everyone has fun with negative RP. Conflict drives story - but we’re the ones who decide what the conflict looks like, not our characters.


Voting Drive

You’re our family, and we want your voices to be heard. To that end we’re doing a voting participation drive to give every ounce of encouragement we can. To vote in this year’s General Election you need to be registered by Oct 9th.

20 AP - for proof of registration to vote (you can use www.vote.org)
50AP - for every election you vote in (Arkansas Election Dates) - I know this year we’ve already gone past the primary elections, but we’ll probably do this again next time and include those.

IF you are an Arkansas player (defined as the database saying you are an Arkansas player) but live in a state other than Arkansas, you can still participate. (Texas Election Dates, Missouri Election Dates, Kansas Election Dates, Oklahoma Election Dates, Mississippi Election Dates)

Continuing Education about Sexual Misconduct

RAINN taught us that one of the most important elements for keeping our community safe is empowering everyone to identify and confront unacceptable behaviors. That's why we wrote a strong policy, with clearly defined paths of action in partnership with Texas and Oklahoma.

To further empower the community, nationwide, the DR LLC team has worked with RAINN to break down the information into easily digestible chunks and created two quizzes to check your understanding of the information. We encourage everyone to participate and work towards scores of 100% (you can take them as many times as you'd like)!

You can email us (DystopiaRising.Arkansas@gmail.com) a screenshot of your 100% completion and we'll award you 50AP for each quiz you ace!

To better ensure the safety of our community and to promote an educated & uniform response & awareness from Marshals, going forward anyone wanting to be considered for a Marshal position will need to have completed both quizzes.

See you all in the wastes! <3