October 2019 - Meet The Neighbors

Winter is Coming!


So we’re gonna go ahead and swap back to the winter schedule for Oct & Nov events.

This means:

  • Site Opens: 2pm

  • Registration Opens: 3pm

  • Opening Announcements: 8pm @ JHouse

  • Game On: 9pm

  • Quiet Hours: Fri 3am-Sat 8am & Sat 2am-Sun8am

  • Game Off: Sunday Noon

Transparency: Changing the Tempo of Game to Adjust to 3.0

zombie drum.jpg

So, in case ya’ll didn’t know - even when we’re not running an event we (the Employee team) is constantly talking about it and reviewing what we did and planning what we should do. In one of these conversations we realized that there’s a big shift that we all need to do together if we’re truly going to test this new system.

This system is built on the idea of banking resources (mind/body) for later instead of creating them like we did in 2.0 - but we came into the system without having a cushion of banked resources to lean on.

So we’re going to adjust our tempo and tell you about it so we can all try and create that cushion and give these mechanics a real and true test. To keep with the setting dynamic we’ve always had - we’re going to save the main combat threats for during dark-hours. There will still be threats during daylight but they’ll be very light and not meant to require mind-expenditures to defeat.

Improving Your Experiences

Now that a bunch of us have had a chance to see the great props and spaces that Beth has designed & created for us - we need your input! For the most part we consider these the ‘base’ of the space. We know that some of them need additional pieces added - but due to budget and time constraints we couldn’t really fully flesh them out. (Except the Culinary area, but that’s only as awesome as it is because Briana was kind enough to let us snag that kitchen set-up she had previously.)

Use the feedback form or email Beth@DystopiaRisingAR.com and let us know what you’d like to see in these areas - especially if it would improve your crafting-time-immersion & experience!

AR Agricultural.jpg
AR Anvil & Forge.jpg
AR Culinary.jpg

November’s Premier Event - Start Getting Excited

It may seem like it’s early to be excited for our Thanksgiving-weekend event - but we’ve got several counter-arguments.

  1. It’s our Premier event, so we’ll likely have more visitors than normal - which means more friends during the traditional Thanksgivemas Feast.

  2. We’re looking at adding another lovely tradition to our November game - ending the year with a Wild Hunt style plot. Hunting each other through the woods has always been our niche in the Dystopia Rising network - and we finally came up with a good story to make it an annual IC-event. We’re honestly very excited that we can kick this off with a premier event!

  3. Our First BIG Monster - We (and by we I mean Beth & Caroline) are working with one of our community members to bring you a BIG big bad for the weekend. Stay tuned for more teasers but know that this is likely to be PEAK Crystal Creek creep and terror mingled with Beth & Caroline’s amazing skills with costumes & props.

people hunting people.jpg

As a reminder, if anyone is interested in organizing this year’s potluck Thanksgivemas Feast, please please please email me at Krista@DystopiaRisingAR.com - I’d like to get this started earlier rather than later. For anyone wondering why we (the Employees) don’t organize it ourselves - I kinda forbid us from doing that. There are SO many moving pieces to running these events that none of us have the time or spoons to devote to ALSO organizing the potluck. We don’t mind helping out here and there - but we know for the game quality to remain high we need a player to take the lead on this. <3