September 2019 - Details of a New Start in Old Places

All the toyetic areas are in the same general area and pretty close to the public works - We’ve also added J-House as ‘Safe Sleep’ although the Med Cabin will still be OOG space. Left Side is Decompression/Medical Treatment and NOT AVAILABLE FOR SLEEPING - Right side is OOG Med Sleep.

All the toyetic areas are in the same general area and pretty close to the public works - We’ve also added J-House as ‘Safe Sleep’ although the Med Cabin will still be OOG space. Left Side is Decompression/Medical Treatment and NOT AVAILABLE FOR SLEEPING - Right side is OOG Med Sleep.

September Plot Specifics

September’s plot is designed around giving lots of in-character reasons for people to engage with the different aspects of the new mechanics but minimizing the penalties for mistakes, not-remembering-the-brand-new-rules and hopefully maximizing the fun we all have.

In case you haven’t heard, the entire town is going to be struck with total amnesia. Isn’t revenge sweet? ;) We know not everyone is interested in that story though, so we have a way for you to Opt-Out! You’ll need to report to Ops before game-on so we can prep you for your gravemind scene. (Don’t worry - you won’t lose an infection unless you opt-into doing so.)


Another plug for donating character memories to our September plot arc! You’ll get them back, we swear. :-D

This is also part of the plot for dead and retired-characters to return; so if you’re doing that - please bring that character to Ops before game-on. If you have NPC shift we’ll work something out with you, but please still stop by between announcements and game-on!

Bring Out Your Props!

We know ya’ll previously invested in props for forges, workbenches, medical bays, greenhouses and all sorts of magnificent things.

Artisan: We’ve got some solid big-item physreps for the Artisan area, but we didn’t have the time/budget to snag those small items like wrenches and nuts and bolts. If you have anything like that and you’re willing to let go of it - please reach out via email (with a photo) to and discuss donating/selling it to us.

We’re also going to throw some plot at you to set up the Startup Workshop Area Augment, so even if you’re not ready to let go of the prop, bring it so that ya’ll have good physreps for this area!

Medical: Similar to the Startup Artisan area we’re going to have a plot that lets ya’ll set up the Startup Triage Medical Area Augment, so if you have any fun medical props bring them and make this area fun for you to engage in! Alex Wright has already kindly said he’d bring the medical-tent. :)

Culinary & Agricultural: We’ve already got some really good set of props and toyetic elements for these two areas, but if you have something you think is fantastic feel free to reach out to Beth via email. Just know that there’s much less room for us to accept/purchase props from you for these areas. <3

Website Updates

You may have noticed we did some serious updates to the Website - but in case you didn’t I’m absolutely about to tell you all about them. :-D If it’s in bold, the page had some updates and you should check it out!

  • New Main Menu - New Players, Community, Setting, Events, Stores, Contact Us

    • Community has: Local Policies, Play to Lift, Content List, OK Check-In System, News (Blog), Community Guidelines, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Discord Server

    • Setting has: Crystal Creek, Local Factions, Strains, DR Evolved LARP Rulebook, Photos

    • Events has: Tickets, Check-In, Events, Site Information

    • Stores has: DR Merch, DR Licensed Crafters, Advanced Memberships

    • Contact Us has: About Us, Feedback Forms, Player Requests/Submissions, Guide/Marshal Application, Writer Application

A few things we want to emphasize:

  • ALL STRAINS are playable as Crystal Creek locals now - some of them just have role play or costume requirements. Those details are all on the Strains page.

  • Factions are mostly all listed on the faction page. The ones there are ones that are populated and led by NPCs, although some few characters have made inroads into them and others can too through role-play! In the future we might open up a section for player-factions so you can advertise to other players for shared story opportunities, but right now we’re focusing on providing you all the NPC info.

  • Events will always have a link to tickets and a link to check-in here. We’re no longer doing the Wish List system and we’re not able to continue the Paid in Full, although we might bring that back once we all get used to this system.

  • Stores has the move improvement slotted for ahead - as we work with LLC to get new merch into your reach. But it also has a list of Licensed Crafters so you know who can get you those sweet logos and a place for you to purchase Advanced Memberships.

  • Player Requests/Submission includes all the new 3.0 Action Requests. These get emailed directly to the employee in charge of that aspect of the game, so if you have a question about them please email it to so it can be routed to the right person. :)

Fun - Straight Ahead on the Time Continuum!

Sept 20-22nd Truate and Beth will be in Hot Springs at our booth at SpaCon! If you’re there please drop by and say Hi! We normally get a lot of loving and helping hands - but this year we got a MUCH smaller booth - so please understand we won’t be able to accept much help behind the table this year.

ALSO - only a few months until we have our Premier event in November, and between now and then both Texas and Georgia will have theirs! Krista will be at Georgia’s - are ya’ll making plans to go to one of these? Start planning convoys and stuff with friends! Let’s have some FUN this fall! And then we can invite everyone to our GiveThanksMas.

Also also, in very very very related news we want to go ahead and start coordinating the pot-luck early this year. Whichever adventuresome players are going to organize it this year please reach out to :)