March 2019 - Reminders & Reveals


We Don’t Use Gendered Insults

Just a reminder, cause it’s moving back into our community spaces. Words like ‘Bitch’ or ‘Dick’ just aren’t welcome in our spaces, even when it’s said in-character. This is the perfect time to tell someone they smell like a brahmen or hit like a cabbage.

Get as creative as you want to, just leave out the words that deride one gender over the others. <3


Warehouse Job System

This month we’re finally able to bring into play a new aspect of the game we’ve been excited about for almost a year. The Warehouse system will open up, sponsored by a local faction called The Guiding Hand.

There will be lists of things you can do to earn credit with the Guiding Hand, credit recorded by a Postal Worker in a ledger that’s organized by Crew.

There will also be a list of items you can redeem this credit for, also through a Postal Worker and that lovely ledger.

We’ll also use it to introduce different aspects of plots - but mostly we’re looking forward to giving everyone another way to engage in economy play, especially BlueBirds and recently fledged who might need more opportunities!


We Have More Fun When We’re Not Literally Dying

Arkansas has a pretty amazing reputation as the community of Parent-Friends. We emphasize and worry about our friends and if they’ve taken care of themselves for the weekend.

Unfortunately we’re also getting pretty bad about ignoring our own needs while we’re worrying about others. (Yes yes, I am THE worst offender!)

Let’s do better about making sure that we get sleep, food, water, showers and clean socks during our game weekends. We enjoy the game so much more when our bodies aren’t pissed at us.


Let’s Give Props to One Another

We’re going to try something new. At closing announcements we’ll have a few stacks of index cards and pens. These will be opportunities for you to write down something that another player did to make your weekend amazing.

You can give them props.(Yes I am having fun with that pun.)

We’ll take all the cards and shuffle them up, then draw one out at the end of closing announcements. The player who did the amazing thing will get a prize of some sort - we’re going to start off with copies of DR 2.0 Splat Books.

We’ll keep a living record and update it regularly so you can go read the warm-fuzzies and/or (welcome) tears that you give one another.

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