February 2019 - Start of the Climb


We wanted to give ya’ll a way to feel like your local story of ending slavery wasn’t falling behind the national timeline - so we tried ‘Downtime Missions’. We THINK ya’ll had fun - but please send us any feedback you have. We’ll count each of these feedbacks as pre-registration points for Feb’s pre-reg rewards.

If you missed the action, you can catch-up on the story at www.dystopiarisingAR.com/starve-em-out.

You can also find stories about ending slavery all over the wastes at #TheGlowRises on almost every social media platform!

frozen water.jpg


In case you missed it, DR LLC announced changes to the structure of chapters - you can find the full info in their post.

Short story is that we’re going to be changing to calling everyone who helps run the game a Guide. Marshals are Guides, Employees are Guides, Owners are Guides. No one is expecting you to get that change in verbiage 100% correct right away - and we know you won’t scold us if we mess up too. Just know that everyone is going to be working together to make the weekend amazing, and we’ll slowly make sure we call each other the right thing eventually.

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It might sound silly to get ‘heat exhaustion’ when it’s 40ish degrees out, but it can happen! Remind your friends to hydrate or die-drate this month, because it’s far more likely you won’t sweat as much and so won’t realize how dehydrated you’ve become. It can be MORE important to hydrate in cold than it is in the heat.

We’ll still be putting out the orange coolers - so do us a favor and DRINK WATER! :) <3



Weather permitting; between Noon and 2pm on Saturday I’ll be taking posed photos of your character and any props you want to bring (although we’ll have some setting material there beyond what the woods give us. If it’s raining we won’t be able to take any photos, sorry! <3

What: Posed, OOC photoshoot of your characters amazing costumes and any props you bring
When: Between Noon and 2pm on Saturday
Where: Partway between the parking lot and the top of the hill, there’ll be a flag to help you find me
Why: Cause we know that sometimes the photographers miss people and this way you get awesome photos no matter what!