So - with that NEW MORE BUSINESS-Y mentality, we’ve got spiffy new email addresses that make us OH SO MUCH MORE EXECUTIVE NERDY!

We’re also sorta divy-ing up who is lead of different areas of the operation, but rest assured we’re all working as a team. :)

This is pretty exciting for us!

This is pretty exciting for us!

  • Krista Sides - Community Management & Marketing

  • Dave Sides - Experience Design & Conflict Resolution

  • Caroline Vance - Customer Service

  • Truate Bearden - Logistics

  • Beth Gleason - Visual Design


We saw the story of abolishing slavery happening and the timeline for Uprise just wasn’t leaving a lot of time for our players to participate. We reached out to DR LLC and everyone sat down (at their computers) and brainstormed together. We came up with a few new things that we decided to try and reassurances that we could continue to kick our own local slaver-butt on our timeline.

So that’s how we got the Networked Plot - Starve ‘em Out. This plot includes a module that anyone in the entire DR Network can participate in, even if their chapter isn’t having events during the next few months. It also includes a way for local characters to impact the story they’ll encounter in Season 4 - so if you haven’t checked out the ‘Missions’ section, you might want to!

Survey (Results so far)

In case you missed it - we’re doing a survey of all ya’ll to see what it is the masses actually want. You can find the results (so far) via this handy-dandy-link. We’ll stop accepting Survey Answers at the end of January and we’ll share the updated results in the Feb blog.

Some of this is easy to see what we’ll do with (what hours should we run? what stories are you interested in?) and some of it is less clear (why do I need to know what pronouns you use?) - if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for the next survey; you can email me at

What’d you do with your break?

We spent our break fleshing out the areas around Crystal Creek, which makes us very glad that the survey answers say you’re interested in that kind of story and information! Enjoy this lovely map built by Erick Wiggs!

Riverlands Map Genred.jpg