July 2019 - Endings and Beginnings

Survey Results

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So I’m going to go through question by question and let you know what ya’ll told us via this survey. We’ll take that info and make some base setting decisions and then communicate that back to you. This may feel like you’re not getting exactly what you voted for, but please remember that this is a co-creation process and that means that we get input on the decisions too. We have a different view of things as the event-runners and sometimes not all things are possible despite them being what the majority want.

  1. Majority of people want us to return to Crystal Creek & rebuild.

  2. Majority of people want the morgue to remain where it is.

  3. Very few people are interested in using Tipi or Outpost for their sleeping areas. Most people are interested in using the areas that are currently available.

  4. Almost everyone wants the Kettlebottom to stay in the Dining Facility.

  5. Wasteland - man this one is rough. There’s some pretty close numbers for Options 1, 2 and 3 - so essentially what we get from these answers is that generally people want as much Wasteland as we can give them; so we’ll do our best to come up with a map that does that but still ensures the design goals for the system are met (ie enough space for people to play without having to be in the wasteland unless they choose).

  6. Majority of people want the off-screen town population to be larger.

  7. NPC Factions, how ya’ll voted:

    1. Keeping: Coleman Caravan, Crescent Wrench Guild Special Projects, Iron Guard, Misery Bay Subway, Order of the Guiding Hand, Widowmakers, Iron Tusks, Acolytes of the Blind/Null Mind, The Red Hand, New Cliffside, Devil’s Pit Stop, Ferris Watchtower, Fool’s Hope Survivors, The Ven, The High Fashion Society

    2. Ending: McCartney’s, Cult of Lucky, Blue Eyes, Old Cliffside, Spire Island

    3. Now some of these were -really- close, like one vote close - so depending on other elements we may still drop some of the ones listed under Keeping; but we hear you loud and clear on which ones you want to keep and which you don’t. :)

  8. Majority of people don’t want Widowmakers to have rights to the psion crystals.

  9. Majority of people REALLY want animal threats.

  10. Oof, Majority of people want a 2-3 on a scale of no anti-aberrant story (1) and ALL anti-aberrant story (5). We’ll have to look at this and the base setting and see where we’re gonna land but rest assured it’ll be much lower than our setting had previously.

  11. Almost everyone wants to keep the theme of ‘what lurks in the dark’.

  12. Most people want to see the interfaith harmony RP continue.

  13. Most people want to see the savage bureaucracy themes continue.

  14. Radioactive lake water on a scale of 1-5 has the most people at 5 (a lot of radiation) and 3 (a moderate amount of radiation); so this is another one we’ll have to look at and see where we should land.

  15. Cryptids are clearly a fan-favorite and most people want those to continue.

  16. Guns being bad on a scale of 1-5 has a decent spread across the board with slightly more votes on the 5. We might need to adjust this one too.

  17. NPCs, how ya’ll voted:

    1. Keep: Doc Faizer, Hook, Dana Mangles, Davey, Dante, Last Chance, SME, Father Solomon (Evil Sainthood guy), Barry Coleman, Ursula, Rave (High Fashion Society), Ragman

    2. End: Abraham Cohen (Sainthood NoA), Mother Judith (Nukefam NoA), Bluto (Hedon NoA), Vicky (KC NoA)

    3. Again, some of these were VERY close and we’ll have to evaluate where they fit into the other pieces of 3.0 setting, but we have definitely heard that you MUST HAVE Dana Mangles and the Ragman.

  18. Most people would like to see an even split between Zombie threats and Raider threats.

  19. Resource sinks - it’s a good spread of ideas and wants but some pieces were repeated more than others. Plots where you INVEST into other factions, town maintenance but it results in actual improvements showing like additional mechanics on workstations or doors on buildings, etc. We’ll look these over carefully and come up with some sort of ‘this is what we’re thinking’ and share it with ya’ll.

  20. So so many of you want to continue seeing Dana Mangles’ video updates before & after trade weekends.

  21. Ya’ll gave us a ton of suggestions and we’ll look at them and see which ones we can implement and either reach out to discuss specifics with you or you’ll see a post about ‘things we’re looking to develop/include’.

July Things - Not Your Average Game

Okay, so we’re doing two not-normal things in July. 1st one is the Schedule

Pride Brunch v2.jpg
  • Game-on @ 9pm Friday

  • Quiet Hours 4am-9am Saturday Morning

  • Head Advisory Hours 1pm-4pm Saturday Afternoon

  • Quiet Hours 4am-7am Sunday Morning

  • GAME OFF @ 7am Sunday Morning

  • LGBTQ Pride Brunch & Town Hall 8am-11am Sunday Morning

  • 11am+ Clean Up

The second is that we will be using fireworks to simulate explosions. If this is going to cause you extra anxiety and/or trigger any PTSD PLEASE email me at Krista@DystopiaRisingAR.com so we can take steps to mitigate that for you. We can give you a timeline so that you can prepare and/or avoid entirely.

Guest Blog - Beth Gleason and Genre Containers

It’s time, ladies and gents and folks, to talk about genre food and drink containers.

It might seem like such a small detail, but a little extra effort can go a long way towards ensuring player immersion and making our game space look awesome. Even if the food you’re bringing isn’t necessarily genre, transferring it from the colorful plastic wrapping to a genre cloth bag or basket can do a lot to maintain our genre setting. If food safety is a concern (cause that’s important) genre containers can be lined with foil or plastic wrap, which is much less conspicuous than the original packaging.

‘But Beth!’, you cry, ‘What if I’m in a hurry or forgot to bring genre containers?’ Worry not dear friend, for I have a solution. Bandannas and Duct Tape.If you can’t transfer your snacks to a genre container, you can still wrap the container in a genre fabric or genre-colored duct tape. You don’t have to cover every centimeter, but make sure that all brand labels and graphics are covered. If you can’t wrap your food because it’s too small (think individually wrapped granola bars) just keep the snacks out of sight when possible, and be mindful of cameras if you hand them to others. Remember that we can’t publish photos with non-genre items in them. These ruined photos can sometimes be salvaged with Photoshop, but our photographers already do enough without us giving them extra editing work.

And once you’re done with your non-genre containers of any size, be sure to throw them away. Bar tables that are covered in empty plastic water bottles, drink cans, and food wrappers do not look awesome. If you use glasses or dishes from either of the kitchens to transfer your food and drinks, make sure that you get those dishes washed. Doing them yourself or paying an enterprising Bluebird are both fantastic options and is up to you. If you simply have to have your cheese crackers at 3 am and you don’t plan on bringing them into character, just make sure that they’re put away and out of sight of your bunk mates and passersby when you’re done.

In conclusion, there are a lot of options to make sure that your food and drinks don’t break immersion at game. If you can, transfer your food to a genre container or cover the container with genre material. If you can’t do that, just keep your non-genre containers out of sight and be sure to throw them away once emptied. Together we can make our game as immersive and photogenic as the actual apocalypse.