This is a big deal game, and it’s something the characters have worked towards for our entire existence as a chapter. So, knowing how big a deal this is - we’ve pulled out a lot of stops.

  • War Table: We tested the ‘assault block’ and with a few tweaks we think it’ll work. We’re going to send out Mission Alerts that give you a window of time to ‘notify the war office’. That means tell us in Ops that you’re ready to run the mission. We’ll have it prepped in about an hour, a hook will come find you AT THE WAR TABLE or another specified location.

  • War Environment: Some of this is going to be very new for ya’ll, but we’re going for radical transparency here so you can opt into the story you’re interested in. Ya’ll are going to war with smart adversaries. So that you can opt-into the play you want, we’ve decided to designate each area with a level of engagement.

    • Blue Bird Hollow is low-engagement, we won’t wake you up during quiet hours.

    • Rocky Mound is normal-engagement, quiet hours are PROBABLY safe.

    • Echo Pines is high-engagement, you didn’t want sleep this weekend right?

    • Tents will fall into the same engagement level of the sleeping area you’re closest to.

  • Simulations: We have smoke bombs and M-50 fireworks that we’re going to use to simulate biological weapon-attacks and artillery fire. If you need to know the schedule so you can be aware of these things (for those of us with the PTSDs or breathing issues) - please stop by Ops so we can check the schedule and let you know.

Also, I’m not saying that having sentries or a night-watch might be a good idea…..buuuuuut….maybe? >_> Keep in mind that even if the environment is war - we want YOU the players to have fun, and if you’re not reach out to one of the Employees and we’ll see what we can adjust to help you have more fun with this month’s content.


The first thing to know is that Truate took a butt-ton of photos of Camp High Point during our tour…you can find those here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1we-mhhvsHUFaNJo3-qrlxxQy75aI_j5W?usp=sharing

Below is the map we have of site. There will be no shuttle, so drive carefully and politely. Don’t drive past stumps, stay on the road and don’t drive on roads that have X’s on the maps.

Site Rules & Important Info!:

  • No smoking of any kind (including vapes) inside buildings on top of 50 feet away from all buildings & those allergic (hi - is me Krista, are a few others).

  • No ice machine, it’s broken. There’s lots of fridge space and a little freezer space. You can buy & store ice bags.

  • No use of the industrial kitchen without Arkansas Food Handler’s license on record with us. If you’re not sure, ask. You CAN use the fridges, freezers and microwave. I only remember seeing one microwave so be nice to each other. Also Ashley Ates (New Player Marshal and player of Jay the Barkeep) is in charge of this area (as well as Employees).

  • This site doesn’t see as much use as Cahinnio, and while they did just have camp and they are mowing the fields for us - be extra liberal with bug prevention and tick checks in specific. We all got ticks on us just from walking around for the tour and that was just a few hours on site and without running through the woods.

DR AR - High Point Map.jpg



  • When & Where: At checkout when you turn in your character sheets for the August event.

  • What: All your items and an idea of what you want to trade in for. We’ll provide paperwork and pens and a ziplock bag.

  • Why: This will allow us to verify your point spends and take time between games to write the 3.0 cards


  • Before Game: Email us and we’ll send you the PDF of the documents you’ll need to fill out. You can then print them off and fill them out ahead of time! This will speed up your turn-in process. If you can’t get a printed out copy that’s okay - we’ll have a stack of them at check-in.

  • At Check-In: We’ll have a separate table set up to help you trade-in your 2.0 stuff. This’ll be open at 2pm because we know it’s probably going to take time. There are things you can do to really help this process move smoothly and it’s having a good idea of how many points you have to spend and what items you want to spend for.